Poojan and Homam (Havan) has a special place in astrological solutions. Poojan or Puja is the ceremonial act of showing reverence to a God or Goddess through invocation, prayer, song, and ritual. Homam / Havan is the term for a sacred purifying ritual (yajna) which involves sacrifice made to the fire god Agni. This results in elimination of evil and negative cosmic influence. These brings health, happiness, luck and prosperity.

In today’s time it may not be possible for you to perform correct poojan and homam yourself or get right person for this. It is necessary to know which poojan or homam (havan) is required for a particular problem or need or difficult time. These must be done by those with good knowledge and skill of these. Now you may get these done for yourself or your loved one’s. Ethos Astrocare gets this done for you by highly knowledgeable and skillful vedic gurus & pandits.

Some of the Poojans and Homam are:

  • Individual planet or nakshatra – Sun (Surya) Moon (Chandra) Mars (Mangal) Jupiter (Brihaspati) Venus (Shukra)  Mercury (Buddha)  Saturn (Shani) Rahu Ketu
  • Important Yoga Poojan or Homam like Kaal Sarpa Yoga
  • Deity Poojan or Homam like Ganpati, Saraswati, Rudra, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Shiv, Ram, Krishna, Durga, Hanuman, Nav Devi, Narayana, Bhairav, sudershan, kuber
  • Mantra Poojan or Homam like Gayatri, Mahamrityunjaya
  • Dosha Poojan or Homam like Pitra dosha, Mangal dosha, Shani dosha, Rahu dosha, Ketu dosha
  • Poojan or Homam for special purpose like new house (navgraha), career, marriage, love, sexuality, children, family, success, education, debt, finance, purchase, investment, health & medical, bad period, longevity, obstacles,
  • Poojan or Homam for special occasion like pradosha, amavasya, sankranti, diwali, new year, birth anniversary, marriage anniversary, shraddh
  • Special Poojan or Homam like poojan or homam to eradicate evil eye, karma poojan or homam, vedic poojan or homam.

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