1. Why Ethos Astrocare?
    2. What is destiny?
    3. What is Astrology and how does it work?
    4. Is it superstition to believe in astrology?
    5. How can it help me?
    6. If one can change destiny, then it means I can change everything?
    7. Why my date, time and place of birth is required?
    8. How much I can rely on astrology?


      1. Why Ethos Astrocare?
        The answer is the effectiveness. Ethos Astrocare is the only astrology house that gives you best of the astrological analysis and solutions. This is because the analysis is done on extensive calculations based on best of ancient and modern astrological systems. And only Ethos Astrocare gives you unique coded, purified and energized astrological products to solve your problems & difficulties. It can help you in managing your destiny. Read About Us and Shakti Punj for details.
      1. What is destiny?
        Destiny refers to what happens to one through the course of life. It is composite whole of one’s existence & events, gains & losses, success & failure, happiness & sadness. It is both material and abstract. For example it will tell how much money you have in bank and also how much happy or sad you feel when you think about your money. You crib when you miss your flight due to some traffic jam but later find yourself lucky when you come to know that the flight got crashed. There is a big controversy that destiny is fixed or one can change it. But in reality it is somewhere in between. One comes to life with a basic blueprint and life runs more or less on that blueprint but through wise use of knowledge and correct deeds (karma) one can bring about significant change in one’s life. It can not be drastically different from basic blueprint but the overall quality of life improves by significant levels. This is where astrology plays a major role.
      1. What is Astrology and how does it work?
        Human beings are created by nature and governed by natural forces. The celestial bodies like sun, moon and other planets exert their influence on us. This affects our thinking, behavior and the circumstances we face through our lives. This is unique for every individual therefore life and existence of every individual is unique. Astrology works by many ways. It educates about good and bad periods & aspects. It helps by planning one’s life accordingly, to be cautious during negative periods and to gain maximum during positive periods. It significantly helps by reducing the impact of those celestial bodies which are exerting negative influence and enhancing the impact of those celestial bodies which are exerting positive influence.
    1. Is it superstition to believe in astrology?
      The natural phenomenon remains whether one believes or not. The only difference is those who believe, uses it to solve problems & difficulties of life and to gain best from opportunities & potentials to best extent possible. The belief in astrology does not stop one from working on what is required in life. For example astrology never ask one not to go to a doctor or take medicine in case of a sickness but it only supports treatment and reduces negative influences which can cause or enhance sickness. In-fact astrology always ask one to be more responsible in life by taking active interest in minimizing negativity and enhancing positivity in life.
    1. How can it help me?
      Every human being has positive and negative periods in life. Also there are good and bad periods related to different aspects of life like health, finance, relationships, success etc. Astrology can help by educating one about positive and negative possibilities and also by educating one about present and preparing one for the future. One can take certain steps, do deeds, use certain products and follow certain principles to improve quality of life. Putting it simple, astrology helps by reducing problems of life and enhancing success & happiness in life.
    1. If one can change destiny, then it means I can change everything?
      No, astrology is not magic. By correct use of astrology one can enhance positivity and reduce negativity but one must remember that the influence of celestial body is very strong. One can bring about significant change but it may not be possible to change it completely. Just like medical treatment, one should be careful in taking correct astrological advice and follow it along with doing other worldly deeds which are necessary. Result may vary between good to excellent.
    1. Why my date, time and place of birth is required?
      Birth is the most important event of one’s life. It is like foundation stone. The cosmic influence at the time of birth has a very deep impact on one person’s blueprint of life. But this is not everything. Cosmic influence continues to affect one’s life. Also a person’s Karma (Deeds) has a very strong influence on one’s life.
    1. How much I can rely on astrology?
      One must be wise and mature in using astrology to improve one’s life. Astrological advice and products can in helping making significant changes and in improving quality of life. But one should not ignore other necessary deeds like taking proper treatment in sickness, taking professional help in social or financial problem etc. Astrology is a great support to help you in overcoming difficulties and in getting best results in life.

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